Lin-ology is defined by its root words as “the study of Linux.” That definition is far from complete, however, as Linux is far more than an operating system. Linux is–

(1) a life philosophy that emphasizes the importance of privacy, security and freedom as it pertains to electronic data in the Digital Age

(2) a system that provides freedom, security, and secrecy for one’s personal and business data

(3) a method of ownership of one’s data (independent of tech giants who seek to capitalize on your data, who are themselves targets for cybersecurity breaches and who otherwise hold your data proprietarily, requiring you to need them!)

(4) an approach to cybersecurity that emphasizes powerful and effective home-spun simplicity over pretty yet falsely-more-secure publicly-accessible networks

We at Linology offer three core services:

  1. Assess — We assess your needs, however small or complex, analyze your present methods and systems, and offer solutions and suggestions for improvement as well as inform of security issues or potential risks for loss of data down the road.
  2. Empower — We empower business owners and individuals with knowledge as well as methods for self-teaching; we want you to be able to control your own data. (The software systems we recommend are simple to use for most tech-savvy individuals)
  3. Install and Manage — For those who either do not have the time or are not tech-savvy, we offer both installation and management services for self-hosted cloud and server systems.

Contact us today to schedule a needs assessment. We look forward to making your data yours!

Our Services Include:

work from home and homeschool systems

self hosted cloud / backup solutions

airgap solutions for sensitive data

SOHO and IOT management and security

password management and security

and more!